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March 2013 | in category: games

Last semester we had a game design course at the berlin based mobile gaming company Wooga. The complementary work for this course, was the development of a mobile game prototype. I was keen to build a prototype for Android phones using native Java Code. It took some time to get the IDE and API for Android running but after that I started coding. The result was PewBamPow.
Then I started execution of our prototype concept in Java. Facing a deadline about 3 weeks ahead I realised that this would not work out. So I decided to switch to Unity3D. Unfortunately our game concept was requiring a lot of menus und interface stuff in order to work and coding UI stuff never is much fun, especially in Unity3D. I used Prime31s free "UIToolKit" plugin to support this effort. I was responsible for a major part of the high level game design concept and defining and visualising the core game loop as well as programming the prototype.

Simple game loop

Game loop more detailed

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