philipp zupke / game design & 3d art

September 2011 | in category: old

This was our last semesters project. With a team of 4 students we created this 1-Level sidescroller/platformer in the wonderful unity3d engine. Here a short list of contributions to the project by team member. Julian Dieckert: Character Art/Animations. Matthias Zündorf: Level Design & 3D Assets. Semjon Leinweber: Sound & Interface. Myself: Programming & Interface. The game design itself was of course a work of all of us where no one should be singled out. There is a veeery long list of potential improvements to the game. BUT! there always is. By now we know most of the weaknesses of Lizardstorm due to intense testplay by others. But there is simply no time. We're moving on to the next project in the next semester which we will be creating with the udk. Have fun beating the high score!

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