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Dynamite Whale

October 2013

It started as a small side project. The ones most game designer ususally have. It starts with a small idea, prototyped in something like unity 3d. And out of a sudden you've produced something that's fun! Then you have to ask yourself what the next step will be. Start with the next project? Go into production? Alone? That will take ages.

Even for a small mobile game - given that it's not something superabstract with a very simple mechanic. This was not the case for that game. So I got a few friends and fellow students on board and we started finishing the game. Follow our progress on our devblog: Dynamite Whale

Site Relaunch

March 2013

I received a lot of feedback regarding the last site, saying it was quite unusable. They were right, and it bothered me. It was wasn't much fun uploading and adding new content to the site. And even if I did, I almost had a bad conscience sharing it with others as I knew they would have to spend time on my site. So I invested a few days, created a new layout, coded everything in PHP (including backend) and edited the existing content. And viola! There it is. The next step will be adding all the new stuff I have worked on the last semester. I hope someone will make use of those Like-Buttons :)

First Android Game

January 2013

I wanted to try something new so I tackled the topic mobile game development, starting with a small prototype for Android phones. Although it was built for the purpose of research and learning, the game built in the AndEngine, is actually quite fun too :)

Go to the project site or download the apk directly to your phone

Prototypes online

October 2012

Finally my latest Unity Prototypes are online. Try them out :)

Gamescom 2012 & Portfolio

August 2012

I have a new Portfolio as PDF online. Check it out if you like: PORTFOLIO

Also I will be on the Gamescom 2012 in Cologne this year to present Metal Funpark with my colleagues. Cya there

Maquette project added

September 2011

I just added a new project to the 'misc' area. It's a maquette I've completed at the beginning of the year for my design class. More Infos on the project site. Plus! I reworked some of the html stuff and the site should run much better on IE8 (less w3c errors in general ;))

It's done!

August 2011

Finally! The new site is up. I now have a commentary function in place. A new design and much more comfort maintaining the site - adding new projects and so on. It's all working with php/mysql now. It took me a month though to get it all working since I didn't have any experience with that. However. I'm happy it's done and hope you have fun! You better go and check out Lizardstorm and try to break the record. There's a lot of new stuff anyway and I'll try to add more in the next weeks because their is still some stuff lying around here unpublished.
Oh! and before I forget. I would REALLY appreciate if you'd leave some comments with feedback on the respective site.


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